Nigeria has been described as one of the biggest democracy’s in Africa. With over 200 million Nigerians yearning for better governance. The opportunity to have a paradigm shift has presented itself as the country is tilting towards 2023, a year that there will be change of GOVERNANCE. Having seen this, Dr. Solomon Uchenna wining from Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebony State in the South Eastern part of the country has declared his intention to be the Nigerian president using Accord National Party as a platform.

During his declaration in Abuja on the 10th March 2023, it was said that the Nigerian Presidency is the turn of the Igbo’s to present their candidate. Based on the two principles of equity and rotational government, there is need for political parties to give qualified Igbo candidates preferential treatment and right of first refusal.
Based on these PRINCIPLE, Solomon Uchenna will be ridding on restoring back the core values system of our nation and upholding the founding fathers mandate coupled with his political sagacity and educational background.

Political stakeholders and watchers have described him as A YOUTH AMBASSADOR AND FINE GENTLEMAN that has all it takes to be the NEW BREED president.

With the high level of insecurity in the country today, insecurity is now very alarming that kidnapping for Ransome and ritual killings is now a daily occurrence in every part of the country, it does look like our security agencies are overwhelmed by the sorry situation and are very helpless with Government rhetoric of being on the situation with no light seen at the end of every tunnel.
Solomon promised to address these critical issues if voted in as a president SWIFTLY

On issues of corruption, cronyism and all what not, it has been established that Institutions of Government had been so eroded with sentiments and cronyism that everyone now Sees government office as a means to favour, self breeding high level of corruption across all sectors of government Institutions. Solomon called on the government to address these critical issues.
In his words; he said, “It is also our professional advice that President Mohammed Buhari should as a matter of urgency address these issues seriously threatening the fabrics of the existence and Sustainability of the Nigeria State.
However, I call on the youths, to go pick up there PVC and decide for the NEW BREED of Political youths & Stick to them, I once again offer myself as the Youths NEW BREED For a great Future for Nigerian.

”The presidential declaration made in Abuja was said to be a watershed in the Nigerian political space where fine and educated people are seeking the opportunity to strive the nation and bring their expertise to bare.

The Presendential Aspirant, Dr Solomon Uchenna Wining reiterated that In his Government , he assures Nigeria that 70% of Youths and Women Will be in The Formation of his Government.

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