2023 Elections: My Major Concern Is A Competent Leader, I’m not Bothered About Muslim-Muslim Ticket – Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe

The Founder and Prophet in-charge of Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis Global, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe has berated pastors who are dividing the country along religion line rather than rooting for competent leaders that can lead Nigeria out of its numerous challenges.


Ogundipe registered his displeasure at how some Pastors are looking up and throwing the teachings of the Bible to the trash for the teaching of self-interest, and are in the process causing disunity amongst the same people God wants them to unite.

He said, “According to the Bible, when God created Adam he did not create him a Christian or Muslim he only created him a man. Since both the Christian and Muslim believe in the Adamic creation it is surprising how those who are supposed to be unifying us through the teachings of the Bible are now trying to separate us hiding under Christianity.”

Genesis Global, as he is fondly called, opined that public utterances of most of this supposed spiritual heads reek more of carnality than spirituality it was supposed to be. He was of the belief that reasoning of people in such a position should not only be spiritual but also intellectually sound.

He later cited the fact that rather than make religious pronouncements on issues that can further disintegrate the country the candidates should be asked how the interest and conditions of living of the people will be protected and bettered.

At unveiling event in Abuja, Prophet Oladele Ogundipe questioned the decision of the supposed spiritual leaders, leadership of Christians Association of Nigeria(CAN) and others, why they did not use the event to ask salient questions of the APC candidates as regards to the position of the Christians.

Against the believe that any Christian that supports Tinubu has been paid, Prophet Israel Genesis states “I can say this on the podium anywhere, and I have said it severally in the past and I will never desist but rather continue saying it, No Politicians or Nigerian leaders has ever gave me money to voice out, likewise I’m not advocating for Celestial body neither CAN but rather agitating/advocating for the Nigerian Youths because I’m a Nigeria and a vibrant youth prophet of God and I am entitled to my opinion. I’m not bothered if anybody decides to take this piece personal or read it out of context as the fact remains; truth is always bitter.”

The prophet stated further that he’s not afraid of letting people know of his Muslim background which he would never kick against as we are all same Nigerians and God’s hand made.

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