Adron Homes Set to acquire 250,000 Acres of Land Across the nation

In a bid to address Nigeria’s housing deficit, ADRON Homes has set ambitious targets for land acquisition, aiming to secure nothing less than 250,000 acres across major states in Nigeria by 2028. This announcement was made by Aare Adetola Emmanuel King, Chairman/Group Managing Director of ADRON Homes, during the Media Partners Business Outlook 2024 event held in Lagos over the weekend.

Aare acknowledged the crucial role played by media practitioners in the company’s success, stating, “I want to appreciate every single media practitioner who has been part of us since inception in February 2012.” He highlighted the remarkable growth of ADRON Homes, from starting with just one office, seven staff, and one selling estate in 2012 to currently operating 52 offices in 9 states, with over 3000 staff and 42 estates.

Emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing housing for every Nigerian, King outlined the vision of “Operation Total Take Over,” which began in 2019 to accelerate growth. He credited the media for enabling ADRON Homes to achieve significant milestones, including the acquisition of over 25,000 acres of land by 2024 without borrowing from banks.

To further incentivize media partners and foster creativity, ADRON Homes announced rewards for outstanding contributions. In August 2024, the company will recognize the best business idea with a 7-day vacation to any European country for the winning media partner and their partner, flying business class. Additionally, media practitioners who introduce the highest number of clients to ADRON Homes will receive a brand new Toyota Camry salon car, while those with the most engaging social media handles will have their offices upgraded with equipment worth N5 million.

The event also featured the crowning of Mr. and Miss ADRON Media Partners 2024, with cash rewards of N250,000 each and a plot of land at choice locations for the winners, and N100,000 cash rewards and half plots of land for the runners-up.

Overall, the ADRON Media Partners Business Outlook 2024 highlighted the company’s commitment to collaboration and innovation in addressing Nigeria’s housing challenges, while recognizing the invaluable contributions of media partners in achieving its


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