Al-Hatyq Travel And Tours Boss, Dr. Mutiu Adewale Gives Reasons Why Visas Were Denied At Embassies

The Chief Executive Officer of Al Hatyq Travel and Tours, Alhaji( Dr)Mutiu Adewale Badmus has attributed embassies denial of travel visa to intending travellers to irregularities of documentation, lack of evidence and inability to convince the interviewer during embassy interviews.

The travel expert who doubled as the Chairman and Managing Director of Freefly Travel Management Company explained that embassies feel that if people go their country, they are not going to come back. So they interview people and cross check details including bank statements to ascertain people are who they claim they are, have what they claim they have and will return to the country after the expiration of the reason given for travel.

“In the past people have supplied wrong information so embassies have raised the bars. People do not have evidence for who they claim they are and are not able to prove what they claim they are earning. Only those who are able to convince their interviewer get visa,” said Badmus with over 20 years industry experience.

His impact in the industry is demonstrated by the awards he has received They are: Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Management by Icon University of Management Science and Technology, Republic of Benin. Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneur of the year by Bam Africa Magazine and The Most Enterprising Man of the year from Topflyers Magazine

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