America Based Movie Producer, Ola Ogunkoya To Release New Movie “Roommates” in July 9

After the success recorded from his last released movie “Majemu America”, the Chief Executive Officer of Double O Productions, Ola Ogunkoya is set to hit the shelves with a yet another blockbuster titled, Roommate, an abiding lore of love, betrayal, despair, hope, and loss in marriage.

Roommate is a story that talked about two lovebirds who are inseparable lovers, but their marriage got tested after the man was laid off from work due to the pandemic and his wife suffered a chain of miscarriages. One day, an unexpected occurrences occurred which make Roommate a must watch.

This romantic flick, directed by Taiwo Amasa, foregrounds the untold narratives of conjugal life, and will go well with a bowl of popcorn.

Roommate will be released on the stable of Yorubaplus TV on YouTube on Saturday 9th July 2022.

Roommate is a big project which is tipped to be the best Yruba movie in Diaspora in the year 2022.

Watch out!

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