Crisis Looms In Fuji Kingdom, As Saheed Osupa Accusses Barryshowkey Of Betrayer

If care is not taken, another deep crisis may emanated in the Fuji kingdom, as popular Fuji star, King Saheed Osupa accused his colleague, Seriki Akanji Adewale Barryshowkey of betrayed him.

The Ibadan born singer who is currently in United States of America learnt that he told some of his friends that Barryshowkey who is his brother from Ibadan abandoned him and pint a tent with Aare Shina Akanni who is an indigene of Ogun state.

We scooped that Osupa was furious because Barryshowkey helped Akanni who just returned from America to get engagements in US but stylishly left him to his fate. Osupa, according to our source said Barryshowkey who is based in US used his influence to get occasions where Akanni performed during his recent show in US and abandoned him who is his brother.

While speaking on this allegation, Shina Akanni said Osupa was absolutely wrong in his claim, because Barryshowkey did not help him to get any occasion to perform when he visited America recently. ‘ Yes, it was truth that when I got to US, I informed Barryshowkey of my arrival and he came to where I performed, he never helped me to get a place to perform’.

In his words, Barryshowkey said ‘ When Osupa arrived state, he did not inform me, I got to know of his arrival on social media, I don’t pokenose in other people’s affair, that was the reason I was on my own, but when Aare came in he told me of his coming and I find my way to his place, I believed that egbon wants me to be around him that was the reason he called me’.

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