Don’t Just Be A Dancing Governor While Your Citizens Are Crying For Help” Ex-Presidential Aspirant Tells Adeleke

Former Labour Party’s Presidential Aspirant, Oluwadamilare Joseph Faduri has told the newly sworn in governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke the major things he needs to pay attention to in his four years in the state as a governor, rather than dancing all around the state without any tangible achievement or meeting up the citizens’ needs.

Faduri made this statement in an opened letter he wrote to the governor on Monday after he was sworn in.

The letter read thus: “Your Excellency Gov. Ademola Adeleke,
first and foremost, I want to congratulate you on your swearing in as the executive governor of our noble and prosperous State of Osun.

“My name is Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, the first Presidential Aspirant that came out of Osun State, The first Presidential Aspirant from Ijeshaland and the First Presidential Aspirant from Ipetu Ijesha.

“It is no doubt it’s a fight you fought and your winning was deserving especially when people of Osun State came together in one voice to demand a change of government.

“Now that you have been sworned in to lead the State, my appeals to you is to use this next four years to better lots of the people of Osun State.

“From Education in the State that has not been top of the Nation and how to help more of the people in Osun, the less privileged goes to school with better learning environments.

“Secondly, the State is known to be a civil servants State in the Nation, paying salaries on time and not owing salaries would help make life of ordinary person in Osun lives a better life and productive.

“Security is local in Nigeria today and doing everything to secure your borders and make it safe is also paramount, so kidnappers and gun men don’t have a room to operate freely in the State.

“Encouraging community policing and rewarding communities with less crime would help others emulate such.

“Thirdly, many rural road network in the State needs attention and most of the rural people have been abandoned for long. There are many towns and cities that needs attention and I hope your administration will embark on community project to help alleviate rural people’s challenges. Assisting the farmers with farming equipment, loans to real traders and helping the less privilege gain access to quality education.

“Please do not just be a dancing Governor while your citizens cry for help and they are helpless, do all within your power to better an ordinary person in Osun.
I wish you all the best for the next 4 years and as a Stakeholder in Osun State, I will continue to check the progress we are making in our State.

God Bless Osun State
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Signed :
Faduri Oluwadare Joseph
Former Presidential Aspirant LP”, he wrote.

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