I was Born in Music And Tells My Stories Through Movies-Gbenga Onibu-Ore

was Born in Music And Tells My Stories Through Movies-Gbenga Onibu-Or

When you are talking about multiple talents persons, you don’t need to go far, popular filmmaker and singer, Gbenga Onibu-Ore, is a typical example of them.

The handsome dude is a bundle of talents and is working days and nights to be among the top entertainers in Nigeria and diaspora.

Gbenga Onibu-Ore is the producer of waves making movies, ‘Asa and Isebo’. He has also released three albums which are doing very well in the music market
The albums are : My Praise, Amazing Grace And Give Thanks. All were produced by G_O Production.

The dark in complexion and handsome musician cum film maker said he was born with music and music runs in his vein.

In his words, He said ‘I didn’t develop a love for music. I was born with it. That can be traced back to my mother’s side of the family. They used to have a large cultural music band back in the day. That was where I got my composition skills. I joined an Anglican Church choir at the age of nine, and I’m still a chorister.”.


“The multiple award winning singer and actor also explained further that, ‘I look back on the trajectory of my life, I realise that I have a lot to tell the world about myself. Because of the acting talent God has deposited in me, the best medium to showcase myself and my stories is through movies.

“I believe that no matter how bad a situation is, the immediate option before us may not be the only way to follow. There would always be another option of better value if we take a close look.”

While he was speaking about the challenge he faced while on the set, he said ‘, “Life is full of challenge, even though I had some nice and accessible people on the set, some actors were not really friendly. I guess that was because I’m new in the industry.”


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