Is Suleiman Balogun dead or still alive, family cries

Suleiman Balogun a graduate of Chemical Science from Olabisi Onabanjo University turned photographer got missing.
Balogun who was popularly know as Baloo was said to have travelled gotten a photography job to captured an event at Kano but got missing.
Balogun was said to have travelled to grace the event boarded bus from Alaba Rago Park in Lagos to cover his friend’s wedding ceremony in Kano on the 2nd March, 2022. He never arrived Kano.
His family members and friends have since then have been in search for Balogun when his lines cannot be reached .
Speaking with Alaba Rago Park where Balogun boarded a bus, they said the bus he boarded was involved in a fatal accident, died and was buried. Without notifying his family or seeking permission.
We have notify the police station at Festac Area A.
This called for suspicious and the family urges the govt to unravel case of disappearance of Balogun
We have formally written @PoliceNG on this suspicious case of death. How will you allege that a grown up man died in an auto crash and was given a “mass burial” without contacting the families even when the contacts of “next of kin” were provided at the Park?
Something is definitely fishy.
We call on all citizens to join us in our demand for a thorough investigation.

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