KGN Foundation Club Gifted Accident Victim, Demola A Wheel Chair To Aid His Movement

Luck smiled on Mr. Demola, an accident, victim who has been bed riden for many years, as KGN Foundation Club gifted him a wheel chair to aid his movement.

The founder of the foundation, Mr. Kayode Jinad got to know about the predicament of Mr. Demola through a facebook post.

The American based business mogul was moved by the pitiable condition of Demola who has a fatal accident that resulted to the loss of his spinal cord and he facilitated the wheel chair with the aid of his foundation.

The wheel chair was handed over to Mr. Demola with the support of KGN Foundation Club member who based in Ibadan.

Meanwhile, the happy Demola showed his appreciation to the foundation for come to his aid at very crucial time.

However, it’s pertinent to let you know that the foundation was established some months ago to help and assist the needy in the society

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