Lawyer Tokunbo Olagbaiye advises Nigerians to have the right documents before pushing for immigration options


With over 17 years as an Immigration Expert and Lawyer, Tokunbo Olagbaiye has been able to educated people hundreds of immigrants on the right visa at the appropriate time, and also counsel them to desist from the notion of overstaying. She has also successfully been able to connect to the ordinary people freeing them from immigration problems.

Advising on Nigerians who want a life abroad she stated that, “My advice to Nigerians seeking a life abroad is to ensure that they have the right to work when they apply to any country, especially coming into the United Kingdom, life can be more difficult without a paper to work. So if they are on a visit visa they will not have the right to work other than to visit and return to back home. Every migrant should do a test run on each country by googling it and checking what and what the country looks like and whether black people stand more chance to live in the country.”

Tokunbo specializes in UK Immigration law, dealings with all major visas, leave to remain and citizenship applications. She is a social medial influence lawyer who gives free advice to all migrants in the diaspora, educates them on moral behaviour and enlighten them on UK Immigrations. To her credit she has a good success rate on all her applications as she puts her focus on family migration.

Addressing visa application denials she shared that, “Most things that disqualify visa applicants are that they do not have enough documents to process the applications and when it is given to the unauthorized agents to handle, they add more documents to assist these documents which could be forged and if they are forged applicants will be banned for 10 years from entering into the UK.”

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