I Woke up to a trending story of one so called FEMI JIMOH claiming that MFM or rather Dr DK OLUKOYA put him behind bars for 9 years, the most annoying part is that uncanny people who have no shame, the so-called detractors of the ministry that are facing legal problem are shamelessly and obviously making a hill out of this mole, people like Maureen Badejo and Funke Ashekun who are yet to pay what they owe the ministry from their judgements in court

Our attention was drawn to an interview from one Mr. Oluwafemi Jimoh via a YouTube platform wherein he alleged among other things that he was framed up by MFM and jailed for nine years…
After our tedious investigation we opted to set the record straight for the general public, we realized that that MFM did not frame up this fellow neither was he jailed by the ministry. We found out that he was prosecuted by the Nigeria police for a crime he committed.
After speaking to a few people over this matter we were informed that Mr. Femi Jimoh who was once a pastor of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries was summoned to the HEAD QUARTERS from the branch he presided upon because of his unruly conduct and all manners of infractions he exhibited against the rules and ethics of the ministry for disciplinary purpose.
While he was supposed to be serving his rehabilitative discipline at the HQ, he plotted with a group of people to rob the church offerings, sometimes in the year 2000. This insidious plan was to be deadly since they had plan to use a gun for their heinous mission, but in the act of hiring a gun, somehow God exposed them and the matter was reported to the Nigeria Police
The prosecution of the matter took about 8 years of which he was in the prison of the Nigerian police, after which, he was let go on a technical grounds. We gathered that He thereafter went to National Industrial Court to the sue the ministry, claiming damages of 500 million Naira and above for malicious prosecution and all sorts
But it’s obvious that the honorable court saw through his lies and disagreed with FEMI JIMOH on the grounds that MFM was not responsible for his detention, and upon further findings from the court he was not granted the damages, he prayed for except for his salary owed for the period he was in prison
In all conclusion FEMI JIMOH committed a crime and was in the prison of the Nigerian police for all these years because of the nature of the matter that was in court, this has nothing to do with MFM OR DR DK OLUKOYA as been pushed around on the internet especially by people like Funke Ashekun and Maureen Badejo who are supporting and garnishing the story of a criminal or are you thieves? because it takes a thief to support a thief.
Please find an attached video of the legal representative of MFM SHEDDING LIGHT ON THIS MATTER FROM THE LEGAL POINT OF VIEW


FEMI Olawale

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