Music Star, Stella D’lyte To Take Legal Action Against Federal Character

The news reaching us has claimed that there is a cold war between Nigerian Afrobeat Singer, Stella Ebegbune aka D’lyte and popular Newspaper named, “Federal Character.” The source of the tension stems from the unauthorized release of the singer’s highly-anticipated upcoming album titled, “Gbes”.

According to the information at our disposal, the album was leaked online a week before its official release date, causing a major setback for the singer and her team. The leak was traced back to a website run by “Federal Character,” a well-known Newspaper in the Nigerian music scene.

In response, Stella has taken to social media to express her disappointment and frustration with the leak, calling it a “heinous act” that has caused her great harm. She has also threatened legal action against the Newspaper, stating that she will not stand for the unauthorized use of her intellectual property.

Federal Character has since defended his actions, claiming that he had no intention of harming Ebegbune and that he only shared the album because he is a fan of her music. However, many within the music industry have criticized the Newspaper for its actions, stating that it is a clear violation of copyright laws.

The situation has escalated further as D’lyte has announced that she will be cancelling her planned music tour, due to the damages caused by the leak, and that her fans may not be able to enjoy her music performance as planned.

As the story unfolds, it is clear that this battle is far from over. The music community waits to see how the situation will be resolved and whether or not D’lyte will ultimately be able to move on from this setback and continue to release music that captures the hearts and minds of her fans.

According to her, “we are calling on Federal Character and its team to immediately publish an apology and be ready for other action that might be required by my lawyers in this regard. This is because, the action has affected our marketing strategy and consequent sales projection”.

However, the online newspaper stated that the publication was in good faith and part of its duties to inform, educate and entertain people on various issues across all sectors of the economy, in Nigeria and the entire world, hence has violated no law.

“In our professional career spanning over a decade, we have reported, promoted, analysed and made professional comments on various artistes and theirs in the interest of the general public and had suffered no litigations. We are wondering why this publication is raising some dust. A couple of weeks ago, this newspaper has stated that “not quite three months after the release of “Legit”, Stella D’lyte is back with a banger that will take fans by storm”.

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