Peter Obi’s Delusional Election Case: An Elephant Project- Faduri Joseph

It is time for Peter Obi and the Labour Party to face the facts and admit that they were not rigged out of the Presidential election, but rather, they rigged themselves out. And rather than us to sit down and find where we missed it, we are busy deceiving ourselves that somehow,some way we will reclaim the mandate we never got.

We lost 15 million votes to APC and PDP yet we thought by dream we won this election. Many delusional Nigerians abroad started destroying their Nigerian passport since they have alternatives, forgetting the fact that the foreign country they are in now has its woes and injustices. Election is never perfect anywhere not even in the US, guess many have forgotten in a hurry the last US Election with Donald Trump and January 6 insurrection.

I warned Peter Obi so many times that we were going to lose this election but he threw dead ears to it.
Inclusiveness and coalitions are the key to winning an election, as demonstrated by APC’s coalition of 5 political parties. With that, they won and kept that winning streak for 8years now.

Peter Obi made the mistake of playing religious and tribal politics and neglected the advice of the Rescue Movement. The movement concentrated their efforts on areas of strength instead of areas of weakness, and this led to their defeat.

In any general election, you concentrate your energy on your areas of weakness not strength but instead, we concentrated all our efforts on areas of strength but neglect our weak areas. We threw rallies and thought that’s all we needed to win.

Nigerians in Diaspora were dreaming of a country where they will all relocate back home enmass but its movement leaders was selfish and refused to spend common legitimate political money where needed to win all in the name of “we no dey give shishi”.

Even in developed World like America, money is spent in billion of Dollars to run election campaign. Peter Obi raised money all around the world, even meaningful Nigerians locally donated to support us with no accountability but I hope we will ask for the accountability of those money not just look pass it soon.

Whilst we were busy making noise on social media, political Dons like Atiku and Tinubu were busy connecting their dots to victory.
So if we run another campaign as we did, we will lose again and again.

No region and or religion alone can win a general election. To make matters worst, we couldn’t even record a single State win in the Governorship election that followed. We embarked on wrong political retheorics in Some places and no constructive push in others. Peter Obi ,the National leader of the movement had no impacts in the Governorship election. The movement was dead before dawn.

My advice to Peter Obi and Labour Party is for us to sit down and see where things went wrong and map out how to deal with it for 2027, if not the little gains we have now could be taken away even before 2027.

I am a man who has been consistent. So anyone can continue to attack or reacts to my press releases with no substance but attacking my personality. I have been vindicated for all have been saying. Leadership is not by age. It’s not by being a former governor, it’s a gift and wisdom from above.

My Court case with Labour Party and Peter Obi is reopened and a judge has just been assigned to Federal High Court, Lagos, injustice done to me won’t go uncorrected by the same people who want to claim they believe in Justice and fairness.

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