Following the successes of the 2022 album releases for “Immutable” and “London Alert,” the legendary Nigerian artiste, singer and song producer, Obesere, better known by his stage name, Omo Rapala, is set to unveil a new album for the year 2023 – set to release during the Eid IL- Fitri celebration, the Agba Akin Abobagunwa of Yoruba land, under the imprint of Sidophobia Entertainment, would be premiering the album titled “Palongo Dance” – with a plethora of music content, the Ibadan native continues to shine with his unusual music stye and slang usage, one which unendingly throws his fans into a frenzy.

Obesere has completely taken his own brand of the Fuji music all over the world and he intends to keep this feat alive with the release of his forthcoming album, “Palongo Dance,” a three-track piece album and a bonus final track, with multiple song variations as reviewed by Talent Manager, Arems, for Arems Entertainment – anticipate and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!

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