Pretty Actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina Signs Multi-million Naira Endorsement Deal in UK

Delectable actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina has been unveiled as the brand ambassador for Poshglow Skincare in London.

The highly intelligent movie producer cum actress, who is at the moment studying in UK, revealed in an exclusively interview with GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, how excited she is to renewed her contract with Poshglow Skin Care brand and also studying a new course abroad.

Though, she has initially believed that her service was no longer needed after her contract with the brand expired, but it took her by surprise last weekend when the brand got in touch with her through their representatives in the UK to renew the deal.

In her words she said “This is actually a great feeling for me, watching this brand grown this far as it’s 4th time of renewing the contract with me. It gives me so much joy to be on the team of one of the best skin care products in the world, because everyone who has once used Poshglow Skincare products can testify to the magic it does on helping one maintain a healthy and beautiful skin and also cures any form of skin reactions or irritations. it’s an honour to be on such team.

People know you to be one of the trusted brand influencers who is good at what she does and get customers to patronize a brand , but over the years, I haven’t heard of an influencer trusted enough by a brand that keeps getting a call back for renewal up to four times, what has made this incredible thing possible for you and the brand?

When a company is good at what they do, and also treat you like family aside paying you well, you as their brand ambassador gets to do your job the best way without being told, and treat their business like your own business. It is not just all about the money they are paying me. And the people who get to patronize the brand have never had reasons to complain or drag you or them for any reason, While the business keeps growing and moving. I think the rest is history. But at the same time, I would like to appreciate the brand Poshglow Skincare for believing in my brand over the years. It means so much to me. And i’m happy and grateful that we are doing this again in the UK bigger and better.

How have you been shuttling between Nigeria and UK for work purposes?

It’s not been easy, but Its worth it. The truth is that, one got to do what he/she has to do. Time waits for nobody. I always have my plans for life and with my husband. We reason together anytime we want things done. Not just for our sake, but for the kids. One would also feel happy and relaxed a bit, raising one’s children in a more peaceful and safe environment. But that doesn’t affect my work actually. Whenever i’m ready to film, I will. As a matter of fact, we are currently working on a project. But I don’t start things untill I am 100 percent ready for it. But I promise you, this one is going to blow your mind and would be worth the wait. The story is just too deep for me. I need to be done with my criticism and research on it and prepare well before filming or before attempting it. So I hope the world would be patient with me on how long it might take.


Most people said they never knew you were in the UK until the time of your contract signing with Poshglow, who later posted about it. Tell us the reason you didn’t post your location like your colleagues would have?

Well, this maybe because I don’t feel like I owe the public any update on where or how i’m living. What were they supposed to do with the information? Plus, I just didn’t feel like. And I don’t do things if I don’t feel like.

Can you tell us the title of your upcoming project, So we all can start anticipating?
Y’all would soon find out. Just watch the space. And I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you.

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