Primate Ayodele Exposes Players With Bad Luck In Chelsea

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has once again spoken about the trouble moment faced by Chelsea football club.
In a video on his official Facebook page, the man of God revealed that some players are bad luck to the club and they are causing the club Its fortune.
He also asked that the coach, Graham Porter be sacked because he lacks the idea to help the club soar.
Primate Ayodele revealed that he is a Chelsea fan and doesn’t want the club to perish but they need to listen to his warning and seek for help in order to survive the coming matches.
Read his statements below
“I am a Chelsea fan, I want the best for them but you will agree with me that there is a problem in Chelsea. It is not injury, I want to offer assistance to Chelsea for free, the club cannot give me anything because I have everything.”
“Let them sack that coach if they don’t want Chelsea to perish and remove some players like Sterling, Jorginho, Ziyech, sell them off or bench them. Some of them are bad luck in that club.”
“The coach doesn’t have ideas, sack him and look for a better coach so you can win the coming match otherwise, you will see what I am saying . It is not transition problem but negative influence.”
“Football is spiritual, either you Understand or not. I don’t want the club to perish so they should sack this coach and do what is needful. There are some forces working against the club’s luck’’

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