Primate Ayodele’s Fulfilled Prophecy On Imo Speaker, ASUU Strike, Bello Turji, Others

There is a popular belief that the spiritual controls the physical and whatever happens in the physical has already taken place in the spiritual realm before manifesting. Not everyone has access to the spiritual realm, it takes some level of immortality and God’s approval to be able to access the spiritual realm.

It is for this reason that the gift of prophecy is very rampant in the world today, only selected few people who are approved by God and commune regularly with Him to attain the immortality level are blessed with the gift to foresee and foretell what is to come.

In Nigeria and Africa, we are blessed with a popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele who has gained grounds at the global level with the gift of prophecy. He has foretold several events across the world that have come to pass with the records on the internet space.

He was recently referenced for foretelling the surprising emergence of William Ruto as Kenya’s fifth president, the emergence of a new government in Sweden, the victory of Liz Truss as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a host of many others. According to confirmed reports, Primate Ayodele has well over 10,000 fulfilled prophecies to the glory of God.

In the last 48 hours, some events that happened in Nigeria have also confirmed his prophecies to be true because he warned against them long before they happened.

The speaker of Imo state house of assembly, Kennedy Ibe was just removed this afternoon by lawmakers. Primate Ayodele in his annual book of prophecy titled Warnings to the nations (2022/2023) edition categorically stated that not all the house of assembly speakers will finish their terms, this prophecy has obviously caught up with the speaker of Imo state assembly.

Another prophecy of the man of God that got fulfilled is the demonstration of students due to the ongoing ASUU strike that has grounded academic activities in all tertiary institutions across the country. Primate Ayodele had made a statement on August 1, 2022 that he foresees students staging something serious if the government doesn’t address the strike and put an end to it ( . Unfortunately, the government wasn’t able to do anything about it and we all saw how the Lagos international airport was on lockdown today by students in the country. People that had flights to catch had to miss them because it was a total lockdown, fulfilling the prophecy of the man of God.

Also in January 2022, Primate Ayodele warned a notorious bandit in Zamfara, Bello Turji and stated that his days are numbered and that the military will catch up with him soon ( . Before then, Bello Turji has been untouchable by Nigeria’s security operatives yet the bandit continued to wreak havoc in the northern part of the country however, two days ago, the military attacked his residence, killing some of his aides though he narrowly escaped. This development has no doubt kicked-off the fulfilment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on Bello Turji. It would be recalled that it was the same way Primate Ayodele prophesied the death of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau some years back and it happened the same year he said it.

One thing that stands Primate Ayodele out is the fact that he makes pronouncements on things nobody has ever spoken about yet it still turns out to be true. Just recently, his prophecy on the assassination attempt on President Putin was fulfilled meanwhile nobody ever spoke about it and as a matter of fact, Primate Ayodele was referenced for being the only prophet who foretold the war between Ukraine and Russia in his 2022 prophecies.

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