Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy On Sweden comes To Pass As Prime Minister Resigns

The election saw the incumbent Prime minister, Magdalena Andersson losing unexpectedly, paving way for a new government and this led to her immediate resignation even though her tenure hasn’t officially ended.

The world renowned prophet on page 77 of the prophecy booklet categorically stated that there will be clamour for a change of government in Sweden. He also said the president, who is the Prime minister, will face some challenges.

These were his words, “The spirit of God says the country will have problems even as I foresee protests. The people will be clamoring for change of government. Sweden will face challenges and counter challenges.

The country will experience economic troubles and must be careful of attacks. The country must prepare its military to avoid troubles and unexpected crises which will happen in the country. The country needs to seek the face of God to pilot the affairs of the country successfully. I foresee the President will face some challenges even as the country will have so many unexpected challenges to contend with.”

Primate Ayodele Prophecy As the prophet warned, a new government has been elected in Sweden following the loss of Magdalena Andersson.

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