Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe Decries Ongoing Trending Social Media Video

With the social media frantically quick to lay claims to statements without facts, there’s an ongoing video which is being escalated in negativity following a section of Prophet Oladele’s words with respect to the ongoing preferred choice of Presidential candidate between Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is Yorùbá, Peter Obi, who is Igbo; in what has been made to seem like a declaration/support that’s contracted for, new clips of the same video has emerged from which the Prophet is clearly seen engaging a member of his chapel, asking who she would be voting for – when the member says she would be voting for no one, the Prophet is clearly seen engaging her and helping her understand that her vote is her constitutional right and her voice – in the end, even though Prophet Oladele’s choice is the man from APC, he made it clear that he had no intention of forcing that choice on his members and as such, when asked again who she would be voting for, the female church member chose the Igbo presidential candidate, an answer for which Prophet Oladele congratulated her and was impressed as he has no intention of forcing his choice on anyone.

With our attention drawn to this trending social media clip, we have decided to clear the air on the issue – the fabricated video was made out of a church service held weeks back, and constructed falsely for to the bad agenda against the church, especially ours, Christians talking politics and most advertently, the seer of our time, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe “Genesis,” the Shepard in charge of Genesis Global – we would like to point out how myopic it is to think that Christians shouldn’t be involved in Politics, as God isn’t against it, hence, the mentality should be abolished and eradicated for the sake of the new generation.

A misconception, it would seem, but taking out of a clip with one line of statement, does no justice to the words of Prophet Oladele as he’s been made to look bias, when in fact, the real story is the exact opposite – these videos should hopefully clear the air, as his reasons aren’t intended to brew upon the ongoing battle between supporters. Watch the original video before, which shows how easily this unwarranted video on social media is to be discredited at once.

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