Redefining The Controversy About Adron Homes

By Kunle Rasheed
I was at a popular bar around my Lagos Island residence recently, where I met two friends discussing about a purportedly alledged fraudulent ways of Adron Homes and Properties Limited, a leading player in the real estate industry.

The reason for the discourse was because of a negative story that took over the town concerning a certain lady who alleged that she was short changed by the real estate company when she ‘purchased’ a property from them.

Although, I have read the two sides of the story, however, I listened with rapt attention as the whole issue was laid to bare at a public space where many others were also present.

The two friends(I will call them Iroyintayo or I and Otitokoro or Mr. O) through their discussion were able to paint a better picture about the controversy for all that were there to see.

Below is the reproduction of their conversation:
Iroyintayo: Have you heard the latest news in town?
Otitokoro: What is that again o Mr Iroyintayo?
I: So, you’ve not heard about that Real Estate company that pride itself as the best in Nigeria?

O: Which one is that? You know we have many of them springing up everywhere in the country today.

I: It’s Adron Homes o, that one that has lemon green as its logo.

O: Adron? What is it this time around?

I: So, you are in Nigeria and you don’t know they are saying that the company is fraudulent that when they allocate land to you, they will take it back and give it to someone else; at other instance, they’ll even give you excessive charges after paying the agreed sum, to discourage you from acquiring the property.

O: I don’t think that is true. You know that people like to damage reputation of individuals or organisations that are doing well.

I: No oo, this one is different.

O:How is this one different, you seems to know so much about this?

I: So, you’ve not heard about that trending news about a woman who claimed she paid for a property at Shimawa that is close to Redeemed Church headquarters and Adron reneged on its promise by allocating it to someone else; it was even said that it is their usual practice.

O: Haba! Will you ever stop being a rumour monger? Everything I have heard about Adron is different from what you are saying now.

I: Why are you saying this as if you didn’t hear the news I just gave you concerning Adron?

O: You’ve known me for many years that I will never associate or speak for fraudulent and ill character personalities. But, from what I’ve been hearing and the little research I did about that Real Estate company, it is legit and I don’t think the company can do what you are saying.

I: Ha! They’ve succeeded in fooling you. Do you know that woman alleged that there is no single person that has completely built on any of Andron property.

O: Mr. Iroyintaaayo! Don’t be swayed by mere talks or rumour that will make you colour good as bad. Adron Homes according what I know have thousands of built houses and hundreds of landlords living in their estates across the country, with verifiable facts for anyone, including you Mr. Iroyintayo who wish to ascertain the true position before embarking on spreading falsehood. There are many testimonies home and abroad, if you don’t know.

I: Ok, if you believe Adron does this, then why do you think they defrauded the woman that has been making noise since in several online platforms?

O: I thought you said you are current with what is trending online. So, you’ve not heard the true story of what led to the disagreement between Adron and the said woman?

I: I have not heard o…

O: That is the more reason you should refrain from spreading false news.

I: tell me if you know what led to it instead of stylishly calling me a liar.

O: The company has made a clarification and dared the woman to come out with a contrary information that she was the one that defaulted on the terms of the contract and conditions of purchase which she signed to. Instead of exploring the contractual options available for resolution, she went online to make disparaging posts and casting aspersions on social media about the brand in a bid to tarnishing the company’s image and reputation it has painfully built over the years.

I: So, that was what happened?

O: Yes; when she defaulted in meeting the agreed payment for the property at a given time limit, all Adron did was just to reallocate another land in the estate which is the phase 2 since she could not meet up at the agreed set date for full payment of the said property.

I: That woman must be a bad woman to have made moves to paint the company bad

O: Imagine? A company that regularly dash out acres of land as gift to people will now want to defraud on just one plot of land? It’s ridiculous.

I: Now, I know better and it’s proper one does due diligence instead of spreading fake news.

O: That is the spirit. Now, can we concentrate on our drinks now?

And they both laughed out loud…

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