Renowned Prophet, Primate Ayodele Releases Shocking Prophesis – Warns Buhari, Tinubu, Abubakar And Peter Obi

Famous and renowned prophet and the spiritual head at INRI Evangelical Spiritual church, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele as his tradition have released the compilation of divine prophesis titled ‘Warning to the nation, 2023 and beyond.

The 406 pages divine warning was presented to the press, yesterday, 9th July, 2023 at the church headquarters situated at Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos.

In his words, the philanthropist and accurate prophet said
‘The country needs prayers against insecurity. I foresee Africa that
herdsmen will become more rampant in killings and kidnappings.

The spirit
of God says apart from the Islamic State of West Africa Province–{ISWAP}
terror gang, there will be new terrorist groups. I foresee there will be
ethnic and tribal problems. There is need to pray to survive all these.

Farm products will be expensive and the economy will not be stable. There
will be political tension and let us pray for unity in the country. I foresee
that some political heads will be involved in terrorism even as members of
the cabals will be working in order to cause problem at large’.

He said the country
will experience religious crisis as churches will be attacked. There will be
fighting between the Igbos and the Hausas and the Hausas and the

There is need for the country to succeed as there will be the electoral act
amendment. Lets rebuke the death of a onetime Minister, Vice President,
President, Asst Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of
Police and a Senator.

ASUU will go on strike, Nigeria needs lots of prayer to
be successful as a nation. I foresee changes in Nigeria even as I foresee
new things in Nigeria.

Primate Ayodele said ‘Let us pray against repatriation of Nigerians from foreign countries.
In Nigeria, not all Deputy Governors and Speakers will finish their term.

Some Governors will be indicted and EFCC will run after them. Some Aides
of Buhari and Some Federal Permanent Secretaries

He also warned, let us pray so that there will be no contaminated oil products
and for any vessel not to sink that will affect the economy of the country.
Let us pray not to have issues as regards any of our oil storage facilities.
In Nigeria states that will have crisis are; Kano, Kaduna, Nassarawa, Bornu,
Kogi, Imo, Anambra, Ondo, Ekiti, partly Kwara and Plateau states.
Government should work on these states.

In Nigeria let us rebuke attacks on morgues and stealing of corpses. Let us
rebuke attacks on hospitals and the kidnapping of any Chief Medical
Directors and Professor
I foresee a lot of technological development in Nigeria on Information
Technology, automobiles and Guns.
In Nigeria some retired civil servant will stage a protest because they are
not paid their pensions. Doctors will go on strike.

If care is not taken, some
military personnel will go on strike because of their allowance are not paid
on time. I foresee that some States Governors will face the EFCC and the
ICPC. In the coming dispensation not all the Speakers will finish their
tenure and also Deputy Speaker. I foresee that some of the law makers will

Some of the Secretaries to State Governments will be removed and
also, Nigeria will have to be very careful against unexpected civil unrest.
The economy of Nigeria needs a lot of prayers for it to be revived.
The country needs lots of prays against any form of criminality. The country
needs prayers because the country will face external aggression and border

Nigeria government needs to be very watchful so that there will be no
foreign attackers within the territories of Nigeria. Let us rebuke natural
disasters like whirlwind that will claim lives.
023 Presidential Election
None of these people is qualified to rule Nigeria again and there will be
votea failed government because no restructuring or a change of
serious trouble.

Atiku will still emerge, not Tinubu, not Obi. Nigeria will still
government will make Nigeria move forward, only Obi can do it but he is
not ordained.The best of the worse will become the President of Nigeria

The highly intelligent servant of most his high God said ‘I foresee that this terror gang will take steps to carry out major attacks in
their days (AL-QAEDA) are numbered
some parts of Europe and their leader will be dealt with. The terror gang
will create instability in the world in countries like UK, Israel, and Germany
and of course the group will face so many challenges in so many ways and

United Kingdom must be very careful because there will be problems
any death in Buckingham Palace. There will be protest by football fans. Let
careful so that his Ministers will not resign. He should pray not to record
rebuke the death of any Mayor. The UK Brexit will create some issues.
the Parliament Members’.

Let the country be careful so that none of the
and diplomatic issues coming up. The Prime Minister will have issues with
prayers for peace. They must be prayerful against building collapse and
there will be heat waves in the country. The Prime Minister should be
whatever that can bring blackout. They should rebuke the death of a

There will be a referendum in the country. The country needs
in the country. The Prime Minister will face very difficult times at some
prominent journalist and Nobel Laureate. Let them be careful so as not to
There will be economic shake up in the Uk. I foresee immigration issues
us rebuke terrorist attacks and cases of explosions in the UK.

Let us pray to
Parliament Members will have problems. There will be threats in the
particular periods of the year. The country will experience flooding and also
have divisions in the country. The UK must be watchful so there will be no
transportation problems. There will be increase in energy price and


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