Scarred movie premiere amidst funfair

It was a glitz and glamour with lots of paparazzi last week Sunday at Ebony Life Place Victoria Island when a movie Directed by Tope Alake and produced by one of Nollywood biggest actresses Jaiye Kuti and Adeleye Fabusoro was premiered

Present at the premiere which was powered by Resq Promotions was Executive Director of SSAfri Homes and properties, Mr. Sunday Ayeni, Dr. Awa Ibraheem, Dubem Orji( Marketing Manager Hero larger)
It was a movie that expatiate on how cruel and how domestic violence could have a negative influence on individuals.

Features star actress like Jaiye Kuti, Evergreen actress, Tina Mba, sensational and beautiful actress Jenifer Obodo, Mofe Duncan, Enem Ufot, Baaj Adebule, Chinoso Arubayi, and many others.

Speaking about the movie the co-producer, Nollywood actress who also play one of the lead roles in the movie spoke about the movie
“I love the title ” Scarred “. Though producing it wasn’t easy I have to give kudos to my co-producer, Adeleye Fabusoro, and my crew we worked ourselves out to do a successful movie. You can imagine people who tell you good night while I’m location still come back the following morning to tell you good morning still at the location, that tells you how hard-working we are all through the location. It wasn’t easy but I have my husband beside me, always mopping up my lapses wherever there are. Also playing a lead role could be tough. Thank God you watch the movie yourself you could see the dexterity of the movie, but we thank God we are able to succeed”

On her own part, Tina Mba a veteran actress who also played a big role in the movie said she took up the role she played in the movie based on the script.

” It was a very nice movie. When I was given the script I saw it as one movie that expatiates more on sincerity and submission of true love. So it never took me time to accept to be part of this project and I don’t have any regret whatsoever. ”

For Mr. Sunday Ayeni, it was a film worth using one’s time to watch
” You know I don’t usually talk more about movies except if it’s land or properties business, but for me to have squeezed my time to be here and having seen the movie myself I can tell you it worth using one’s time to watch it. It’s not a matter of sentiment because Jaiye Kuti is our brand ambassador, but if anyone watches the movie without bias then you will understand what I am driving at. I give kudos to the writer and the producers ”

For Adeleye Fabusoro one of the producers, of the movie, producing a big project is not new to him

Been the producer of Borokini, and Awon Aladun de among other award-winning movies, but this particular one he claimed stretched him to bring out his best

” Obviously producing is not new to me, but I always aspire to be better than my previous work reason why I have to double my efforts together with Jaiye Kuti to produce this movie and I believe our efforts are well documented going by the feelers I got from the feedback from those who are here this night to witnessed the premiere.” Stated Fabusoro who said he came to the premiere venue from Ife where the Miss Moremi beauty pageant was held.

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