The Real Reason Why Ojukwu’s wife slaps Obiano’s wife at Soludo’s inauguration

  1. Another facts have emerged on the reason the outgoing Governor of Anambra State, Willy Obiano, and his wife abruptly left the venue of the swearing-in ceremony of the new Governor of the state, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo.

According to eye witness Obiano’s wife, Ebelechukwu, who came alongside her husband went round greeting people and on sighting Bianca Ojukwu, the widow of the late Chukwuemeka Osumegwu-Ojukwu. She said to her, “Bianca so you are here, what are you doing here thought you said you will never attend any APGA event again,” Bianca provoked by that remark, stood up, gave her a dirty slap and dragged her wig off her head.

The unfortunate spectacle drew the attention of security agents and some personalities who pulled Mrs Obiano off the hold of Bianca.

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