Tinubu Is Running On A Failed Template”-Labour Party’s Ex-presidential Aspirant Says

Former Labour Party Presidential Aspirant, Oluwadamilare Joseph Faduri popularly known as Fadojoe has claimed that the All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, Senator Bola Hammed Tinubu is running his ambition to become the next Nigerian president on a failed template which may deny him from winning the election come February 25th 2023.

The American based Politician cum philanthropist made this statement in an exclusive interview he had with Gbolahan Adetayo on Tuesday night. He also advised Nigerians, that if truly they want change in the country, they must vote wisely while selecting their next leaders in the coming general elections. Enjoy the excerpts:

With the way things are going now in Nigeria, do you think Labour Party will win the Presidential election in 2023?

I am not sure of that. Honestly, the work on ground is not enough to win this election. Many of those who are shouting Obidient are yet to collect their PVC yet. The Party is loosing its grip on volunteers who never got the candidates or Party support in terms of mobilization. The fire in the mind of the average Obidient carriers is dropping and the man Peter Obi himself is not over reaching to all stakeholders, and bringing together the coalition to win. Like I always tell him and Labour Party, Obi needs me more than I need him. He needs coalition of my supporters and not just thinking that, the internet and social media stunts of Obidient would give him victory in the next few weeks ahead.

Since you stepped down for him, has he in anyway be communicating with you?
Yes, that’s about 2 times without any meaningful discussion and plans. He doesn’t understand politics or may be I should say he doesn’t want to win. A man that wants to win will show leadership in all ways. That I have not seen in Peter Obi, so that’s the reason it’s been very hard for me to publicly endorse him. I should be able to endorse who I can stand for with my full chest, endorse someone who I can attest to his character and leadership quality. I am not a man who plays tribal politics, so it’s not a matter of I am a Yoruba man so let’s give it to a Yoruba man, no let the winning goes to someone who is qualify. Who shows leadership, who can help this Nation, who can rescue this Nation my slogan and my team slogan that everyone has embraced in Nigeria today. I am happy I started the conversations of rescue with my team before Nigeria politicians grabbed it. I wished they are sincere with it not just deceiving gullible Nigerians. Their plans are not even scientific or debatable of how they will fix Nigeria, all of these plans I laid down in my agenda that is still on my website www.fadojoe.com till date. There’s no vision I see than just mere weeping up sentiments and emotions from ordinary Nigerian, who are going through a lot at this time, so it is sad.

In less than few days, a president will be elected, who do you think have the chance of winning among the 4 popular candidates?

Well, this election is among 3 not 4 so let’s drop Alhaji Kwakwanso out of this discussion. This election is in between Peter Obi and Bola Tinubu. It is an election of the South not North. Alhaji Atiku has no business in this race except for greed and power crazy. The incumbent President is from the same region where Atiku is from. Why on earth would Atiku feels that power should remain in one zone in a diversify unique nation like Nigeria. The idea is to take Nigerians as fools, if it’s the North’s turn tomorrow, I will say the same thing so let us give this election strictly to the South. In that case I will say the winning is in between Peter Obi and Tinubu.

Nigerians are currently lamenting based on the situation of the country under the APC led president in the last 8 years, do you think this will not affect Tinubu’s chance of winning?

Nigeria is a failed Nation if Tinubu wins this election. Tinubu is simply running on a template of failure. How do you run on a template of failure and win? How would Nigerians go to the poll and say a party that made life miserable for them everyday should continue in power. A party that increased Hunger, Insecurity, Poverty, Educational and Moral decadence. A country in war against itself under a party that has no clue of way out, how do you go to the polling unit and vote so as to return such party and their candidates? If Nigeria does, then we are not just a failed Nation but a failed set of people. So, I won’t be surprised if Tinubu win this election but I will expect Nigerians to stop the bleed. Making Tinubu to win is like crashing the already collapsed Nation, collapsed economy, destroyed currency, debts of unimaginable magnitude educational system, falling power grid, unstable petroleum supply and distribution, high cost of food, expensive standard of living, how many can I mention. In any reasonable world the party will loose up to the wards but Nigeria is a peculiar nation, nothing impossible but we must be ready to suffer for another 4yrs with the return of APC.

If Atiku wins what do you think will happen in Nigeria?

Atiku winning would spell doom for the Nation. Nigeria is already sitting on a gun powder and that might be time for it to explode. Let me keep my words short.

What do you have to say about the scenerio happening in Osun State between Governor Adeleke and Oyetola?

Honestly. It is sad that ordinary people are burning their things for politicians who doesn’t care about them. Adeleke is still the governor, Tribunal judgement is appealable, he might go to win in Appeal, it is not over, not the final judgement so court has a system that works, it’s just the beginning of the process and we should let the law play out, whosoever have a better proof will win at last. When we burn our properties, businesses, would politicians replace them? we are the one to suffer it so people should stop burning and destroying their city for politicians. The beauty of democracy to win is to contest in court if you feel you have proofs to overturn election. I don’t see it as rigging or fowl play, I see it as democracy and Adeleke has all the tools and I believe he knows what to do to appeal at Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Lastly, what advise do you have for Nigerians concerning the forthcoming elections?

My advise to all Nigerians especially the Youth is that, we must all vote. We have neglected the duty of voting for a long time, many Nigerians are most times of the opinion that oh they already know who is going to win, I don’t have to vote. The truth of the matter is that the politicians have given many people a mindset that they don’t have to vote, that their vote won’t count, which is a lie from the pit of hell. Everyone should make effort to vote and stay to make sure youths vote counts. Whatever the outcome will affect you for another 4yrs so why can’t you use 4 hours to secure what will happen to you for 4 years ahead.
Until we are ready to sacrifice something we won’t make headway in our Nation. You must be able to sacrifice your time to vote and let your vote be counted, don’t do a sympathy vote but vote who is qualify. The masses must be wise for once or else we remain a slave forever.

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