Why Nigerians Should Watch New Movie ‘Oghene Bouqui’ Before Relocating Abroad

If you are one of those planning to leave your spouse in Nigeria and relocate abroad, www.naijasocietynews.com will recommend a newly released movie, Oghene Bouqui for you to watch before making such decision.

Oghene Bouqui is a story about a lady who left her fiancee in Nigeria to seek greener pastures abroad. On getting there, she met with her brother’s friend who rendered an assistance to her by accommodating her.

Along the line, the brother’s friend was aiming at taking advantage of her sexually which she denied because she wanted to show the act of faithfulness to her lover in Nigeria. This made the man to be furious and sent her away.

Fortunately for her, she saw her old school mate who gave her accommodation again. She introduced her to people that matters in the state so as to have her working permit on time.

From there, she started making huge amount of money which Oghene Bouqui was sending to her supposed fiancee who duped and betrayed her trust.

One day, an unforeseen occurrence occurred which makes Oghene Bouqui a must watch movie. The film is talking about trust and disappointment.

This fantastic flick paraded several great actors like Bolanle Ninalowo, Fadojoe,Opeyemi Aiyeola, Mistura Asunramu, Obatidey, Shinayo Oyinlola, Majek and a host of others.

The movie, which was produced by American based upcoming actress, Oghene Bouqui and directed by Fadojoe was released yesterday 12th November 2022, on the stable of Aree Ago TV on YouTube.

Use the link below to watch the movie for free.

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