World Famous Set to drop new album, challenges Portable, the Zazuu Crooner

Barely few weeks he signed on Lifecompass travel and tours record label, the fast risen artiste in Nigeria Entertaininment world, Ayomide Haruna also known as Baba Ogbon Original is set to drop a new album

According to the CEO, Prince Christopher Gold, World famous is a talented artiste that needs to showcase his talent to the world so that people will know the different between an inborn gift and borrowed one. ” What caught my attention goes beyond his calmness but i see him in a better place in the future. Going by his nature and ability to manage any situation, i believe the sky is just the begining for him”

On his own part Ayomide Haruna , world famous Afro hippo said the new album is in line with his promise to live up to expectations of his numerous followers
” I have decided to be of relevant not only to my followers but to the world at large. Though I have released many songs, like Imole ayewada, itatida, igboro olowo, but this new heat ‘ Meh Meh Meh’ is a very special one and i wish it will fly now that I have signed with life compass Travel agency.

” meh meh meh is my latest track dropping today, by the end of July, and with God on my side, i shall make the record label proud.

In respond to why he is challenging portable, the Zazuu crooner, he said ‘ I dont hate because i know him even before he drops Zazuu but I just do not like how he portray artiste as not been responsible.

World Famous said, “Portable is just being privilege not that he sings better than me, infact I am more talented and matured than him. Anyway time will tell ”

I respect elders and i dont talk rudely to anyone, i think that is Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Malaika Alayeluwa see in me that made him feel at home when people referred to me as “Akeweje Alayeluwa”.

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