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Officially getting into the Travel and Tour business back in the rear 2011, the Prophetess Mary Babalola  owned “God of Fulfillment Travel & Tour” agency has been known to provide outstanding services whilst giving her customers an opportunity to experience a lot, all within a short time frame; known to provide most services of travel agencies such as rentals, package tours and airport lounge access, they finally secured their license in the year 2017 and as such, now offer a wider range of services which include, but isn’t limited to their forthcoming “Pilgrimage to Homeland” package.

Also an outstanding politician, Prophetess Mary  Babalola is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and is also working in line with the Federal House of Representative, Ilorin West & Asa Constituency, with due support for His Excellency, Mallam Abdul Rahman Abdulrasaq, as the Executive Governor of Kwara State.

The God of Fulfillment Travel & Tour C.E.O also proudly announces the Pilgrimage to Homeland (Jerusalem) package which is set to take off on the 22nd of April and done with on the 30th of April, 2023 – likewise, her company is into Real Estates under the brand name, Fulfillment Properties, and is sure to be an all-round brand with respect to all sectors involving tours and traveling.

For further enquiry, kindly reach out to the numbers below and also have a look at their place of interests.


Places to visit in Israel…
1. River Jordan
2. Capanaum
3. King Solomon Tomb
4. Mount Sinai
5. Dead Sea
6. Lazarus Tomb
7. Boat of Faith
8. Wailing Wall

Places to visit in Egypt…
1. Cairo Governorate
2. Hurghadar Red Sea & Sinai
3. The Museum or Egyptian Antique
4. Abu Tig Marina
5. Hurghadar Marina

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