After Receiving ‘Thank You’ Message From Police DPO, I felt Like National Honour recipient- Star Actor, Yomi Fabiyi

Celebrity nollywood actor and human rights crusader, Comrade Yomi Fabiyi, has affirmed that he felt like the recipient of national honour after receiving a thank you message from DPO of Ipakodo Poli Command after helping his men when their vehicle ran out fuel

He said ‘On Thursday at about past 2am after been held in serious traffic in Ojota Service lane for hours, I drove to Ibeshe Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State and saw a @nigeriapoliceforce @lagosstategovt Operational Vehicle been pushed by Police Officers.

Is this an ambush? Is it right to drive past Police Officers in this condition and not help? Will my conscience arrest me if I ignore fellow citizens? Will I be happy if Police officers drove past me if the reverse is the case? Said to myself, I am not raised this way to leave people in pain or such discomforting situation. If I perish I perish, I reversed and asked if they needed help. They were shocked but answered in the affirmative.

It turns out they had no fuel and they are trying to push miles to safety and perhaps jettison their security patrol for that night. I went to source for fuel in company of one of the officers. Got the fuel and realised the car won’t start after, it needed a jump start. Luckily I have a jump start cable. Alas! It came up. I jubilated privately. I helped the Police!

I went home and the joy I felt while bathing and when faced up on my bed was that I helped and saved the Police. I went to my son to whisper what I did. I don’t know if he heard me because he was already waiting for the mum breast milk.

Lo and behold the following day, the DPO of Ipakodo Police Station, Ikorodu messaged to express gratitude. Omg! In my life time, I NEVER PICTURE A HIGH RANKING POLICE OFFICER TELLING ME THANK YOU.

It was my civic duty to help the police I replied but who would ever think my gesture will recieve gratitude beyond the officers that benefited directly. I feel proud as a Nigerian citizen. My son will farabale hear this again in future oh. I feel like I won a big, huge National Award with that message from the DPO.

Funniestly, 98% of our END SARS PROTEST was to benefit the Police aside them ending the brutality. The citizens and the Police need each other. We must respect and protect each others fundamental rights and there will be PEACE’

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