Saheed Osupa Declares War on Oyo State Governor

Nigerian Fuji musician Saheed Osupa has declared war on the Governor of Oyo State Seyi Makinde by spilling his dirty secret.

In a recent show performance by the singer at the Liberty Stadium, Ibadan, the 52-year-old singer said that he would open the Governor’s dirty secrets in his upcoming album.

Saheed Osupa Opens Can of Worms in New Album
Sources believe that the rift between the duo went as far back after feeling used and dumped to the point of having a truce meeting which seems not to have worked.

During his performance at the event, Osupa blasted the governor with songs and said in Yoruba, “E ti ri nkankan o! gbogbo iwa palapala e ni mo ma reveal ninu orin mi to ma jade soon, e ma gbo wirnwinrin”; which translates to ‘you have seen nothing, I would reveal all his dirty acts in my new song, you would be stunned.’

Some months back, Osupa released an album where he told the story of Chief Rasheed Ladoja and Seyi Makinde as liers and betrayals.

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