Alhaji Rammy Shita-Bey, A Pacesetter And Pathfinder In The  Nollywood Politics

When you are talking about the politics of humanity and accountability in Yoruba Nollywood Sector, Alhaji Rammy Adebayo Shita-Bey is a good example of it.
The Lagos born thespian brought significant developments to the theater art practitioners when he was their governor in Lagos state some years ago.
His gargantuan and gigantic developments have put him ahead of his many predecessors who have occupied the post after he left office with landmark achievements.
For the purpose of record, let me quickly enumerate some of his achievements.
When he was the governor, Rammy Shita-Bey popularly known as Adebayo Omo Iya Aje brought the association and theater art practitioners in Lagos closer to the government of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the then Lagos state governor, he brought the association to the consciousness of the government.
His tenure also got  many hectares of land for the association from government.
Before his tenure as the governor of the association in Lagos state, the association has no office but he got that for them, this gave the members the opportunity to have a meeting and conducive place.
Not only that, Alhaji Rammy Shita-Bey used his office to get bus for the association for the easy movement of the members to any function or engagement.
During his tenure, Alhaji Rammy Shita-Bey led many of his association members to UK for an award, which was the first of it’s kind in the history of the association.
In the area of movie production, his tenure set up a think tank team to improve the technical know how of film production. On members health and welfare, Alhaji Rammy Shitabey, continuously made sure the welfare of members are not left out, he also set up health oriented program for all members.
In his quest to foster unity and to enhance professionalism among the members of his association, his tenure also organised ‘Eko Theatre Festival’, where all members from each local government compete favourably to win laurel.
With some of his achievements enumerated above, no doubt about it, Alhaji Rammy Shita-Bey have registered his name in the golden book of the association in Lagos and beyond and I think the association need such a person in the helm affair of the association.

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