As Muslim faithful in Nigeria join the rest of the world to celebrate this year’s Eid-el- fitr, a leading aspirant for the Ondo North senatorial seat on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Dr Alex Ajipe,
has felicitate Muslims across the country.

Ajipe, who particularly rejoiced with
Muslims in his Senatorial District, as well as other Muslim faithful across the country for the successful completion of the Holy Month of Ramadan,
urged all Nigerians to imbibe the lessons of Ramadan and the spirit of unity and tolerance for peaceful coexistence.

According to him, Eid El-Fitr marks the end of the Ramadan fasting period, the APC Chieftain stressed the importance of putting the virtues of Islam into practice beyond the fasting season.

While congratulating Muslims on completing ‘this spiritually significant month of Sacrifice’, Ajipe urged them to reflect on the importance of Ramadan in becoming good ambassadors of Islam at all times.

He stated that religion should be the moral compass for all believers in their public and personal lives,’ adding that, “if people allow the teachings of their religions to influence their conducts, problems such as corruption, which diverts public funds to private pockets, would have been eliminated in the society.”

Ajipe maintained that he will be much committed to the well-being and development of his constituents if elected as senator to represent his senatorial district.

He also praised them for their resilience and patience in the face of the challenging insecurity, adding, that, “I will work hard to bring government closer to my people and see to their welfare if given the chance.”

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