Few Days To End Ramadan, Misturah Teminisuccess’s song ‘ Mo dupe Alahura’ Trends on TikTok

Taofik Afolabi

As this year Ramadan is coming to an end, the song of notable Islamic singer, Alhaja Misturah Amoke Aderounmu famously known as Teminisuccess is trending verociously on the popular entertainment app ‘Tiktok’

The song ‘ Mo dupe Alahura’ composed by Teminisuccess is enjoying massive use by the Muslims on TikTok. Since two days ago, Misturah’s song now became the most used songs on the platform even among the celebrities.

While asking her how she felt that her music now trending on TikTok, Misturah who is the CEO of Mistydollar Beauty world said, ‘I give and return all the glory and adoration to Allah, the giver of knowledge, the omnipotent and omniscience. I’m honoured and greatful to everyone who have used my song, I cannot thank them enough.

I will also say that it’s good to be creative in shunning out song to the public, a good song would attract attention and this what is happening to my song, take all glory my God, my Lord

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