The Moral Lessons To Learn From Life And Times of Alhaja Adijat Kuburat Odetola

By Taofik Afolabi
Lagos based journalist

The fact remains that the wonderful and iconic mother of music star, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Ajibola Odetola famously known as Pasuma Wonder, Alhaja Adijat Kuburat Odetola is dead and she has been buried according to Islamic induction, but it’s very pertinent for us all, especially the mothers to learn from the life and times of the Amazon who just departed this sinful world.

As a journalist and good lover of Fuji music, I discovered that the late woman of substance played great and highly singnicant roles in the life of her son. She laboured day and night for Pasuma to attain the gargantuan and gigantic stardom he’s enjoying today.

If you are a good lover of Pasuma and his brand of music, you would definitely know that the Oro born Fuji star paid homage to his beloved mother severally in his music.

Let me quickly remind you of one of his songs which he used to pour encomium on his late mother, ‘Oju merin lo bimo, igba oju lo wo o, abiyamo to sowo, Olorun je kan jeere omo, Anobi Muhamodu lo jeere Fatimo, Anobi Daudaa lo jeere Sulaimonaan, e je ki momi o jeere mi, Kadijat Kuburaaa jeere omo, emi ko wa a ni salaimoore si iyawo Anobi, Adija Kuburaaa mama Pasoo, ma kole fun e, ma tun ra moto fun mamaaaa, lola kufayakuun, Olorun je o se, Amin’. In this lyric, Pasuma deliberately and adequately paid homage to his mother for her efforts in his life.

I was opportuned to have a discussion with an elderly woman who have resided in the same location with late Alhaja Kuburat when Pasuma was a young boy, the woman in question told me that Mama Adijat Kuburat always put Pasuma at the peak of her heart, sometimes she took risk for her son to survive.

Just two days ago, a senior colleague was having a chat with a top music producer who have worked many years with Pasuma, during the discussion, the reverred music producer told my senior colleague how Pasuma’s mother always followed him to shows where he was engaged to perform and the ‘abiyamo tooto’ would not leave the show untill day break, at that period Orobokibo king was making efforts to make name for himself among his peers in the music industry.

Despite all the condemnations received by Alhaja from Mr. Odetola, who does not want his son to play music, mama remained unperturbed and constantly supported her son on his chosen career. Even Pasuma said in an interview that his father who was an elite never wanted him to play music, but his mother stood firm and gave him all the necessary supports. What a great sacrifice from mother to son?

Not only that, I scooped from some of the close associates of Pasuma of many years, that late Iyawo Anobi always acted as intermediary between her son and his band boys, mama would make sure that all went well between her son and his workers.

Another thing that I want all parents especially mothers to learn from Pasuma’s mother was her closeness to her creator and her ability to pray for her son both day and nights. I was told that Alhaja was a prayer warrior and she never allowed anything to desist her from praying for all her children, no wonder that Pasuma sang in one of his songs that ‘Oju o ni ti my moda lowo awon alufaa.’

One of Pasuma’s associates confirmed to a senior colleague that Mama Adijat Kuburat has the timetables for Islamic clerics who she engaged to be praying for her son even to her very last moment.

One thing that is glaring is that, mama enjoyed the fruit of her labour, Pasuma was able to do what is expected of a worth child for his mum. She comfortably enjoyed the comfort of life courtesy of her son and other children.

Not only that, the period that mama passed away testified that Alhaja Adijat Kuburat lived a Godly life, the encomium poured on her since her demise indicates that she was a good and Godly mother.

Mama, Adijat Kuburat Odetola, Iyawo Anobi, came, saw and conquered, my prayer is that – may God grant Pasuma and the entire family the fortitude to bear the colossal loss and grant mama aljanah fridaos.

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