Glorious Day, as Uzamot Communications in conjunction with NTA Holds Ramadan lecture

Yesterday which is the second day of holy month of ramadan was a great and glorious day, as Uzamot communications in conjunction with NTA 10 holds an impactful ramadan lecture at the premises of the television.

The well planned event started with opening prayer by Sheik Aminullah Abdsalam Akosile while the recitation from glorious quaran was said by Sheik Muh.Thabit Lawal, Chief imam, Mainland. Welcome address was done by the General Manager NTA 10, Mr. Olusegun Osinowo.

The lectures at the gathering were delivered by the popular nollywood star, Ambassador Abdulateef Adedimeji and Doctor Mustapha Bello, lecturer at Lagos state university. Special prayer was also offered for Alhaji Abdrasak Aremu Gawat.

Meanwhile, the winners of quiz competition were also went home with amazing gifts.

However, many people smiled home with different empowerment gifts and cash.

The event was rounded off with votes of thanks by the Chief Executive Director of Uzamot communication, Alhaji Tajudeen Uzamot.

It was a day and moment to be remembered by the all and sundry.

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