Hon Matthew Kolade Arowolo Launches ₦6.2 Million Borehole Projects in Owode-Ibeshe

In a remarkable demonstration of commitment to his community, Hon Matthew Kolade Arowolo, the Councillor representing Owode-Ibeshe and chairmanship aspirant for Igbogbo Bayeku LCDA, has initiated an ambitious project to drill five boreholes in his ward. This vital project, entirely financed from his own funds, is valued at ₦6.2 million.

As of Wednesday, May 15, 2024, drilling has been successfully completed for two boreholes: one in the Mojoda area of Ibeshe and another in Ibeshe Titun. The project continues to advance rapidly, with drilling set to begin in Ishahi tomorrow. Following the completion in Ishahi, the project team will proceed to Rabaka and finally conclude in Lagoon View Estate, achieving the target of five boreholes.

This initiative highlights Hon Matthew Kolade Arowolo’s dedication to addressing the critical water needs of his community. By providing access to clean water, these boreholes will significantly improve the quality of life for local residents and contribute to better health and sanitation.

Financing the project entirely from his own pocket highlights Hon Arowolo’s commitment to public service and his deep understanding of the community’s needs. His initiative sets a powerful example of leadership and personal investment in the well-being of his constituents.

Just two months ago, this dedicated Councillor completed the grading of all the inner roads in Ibeshe land. Renting a grader at the cost of ₦300,000 per day, the grader worked for eight days, all financed personally by Hon Arowolo. Additionally, he paid for ten days of labor for nine workers and purchased materials for the repair of major roads. It is rare to find a councillor willing to spend close to ₦11 million on personal efforts within just three months, reflecting his profound love and dedication to his community.

The newly completed boreholes in Mojoda and Ibeshe Titun have already garnered positive feedback from residents who have long faced challenges related to water scarcity. The upcoming installations in Ishahi, Rabaka, and Lagoon View Estate will further extend the benefits, ensuring that more areas within Owode-Ibeshe have reliable access to clean water.

As the project progresses, it is expected to significantly enhance water availability in the ward, fostering a healthier and more sustainable environment for all. This endeavor not only addresses an essential need but also reinforces Hon Arowolo’s position as a dedicated and forward-thinking leader.

Stay tuned for further updates as this borehole project continues to bring lasting improvements to the Owode-Ibeshe community.

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