I will tackle the infrastructural challenges facing Ogun state when i become the governor-Doctor Samuel Olufemi

The Ogun State governorship aspirant for Action Alliance Dr Samuel Olufemi Adeyemi has promised to tackle the infrastructural challenges facing the State and improve on healthcare delivery if elected as governor of the state come May, 2023.

He made this known on Wednesday, while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Dr Adeyemi who is a Pharmacist and Lawyer said he is coming to govern Ogun state with “a different ideology, anchored on the fear of God, passion for service, experience and capacity and track record of achievement.”

He hinged his Programme on the eight critical areas with emphasize on the programmes that uplift the southwest during the late sage era, Pa Obafemi Awolowo, saying that apart from those five cardinal programmes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, his government will be technologically driven.

“I have transversed through the length and breath of the state, I have identified the way forward for our state ahead of the general elections, for us to find a common ground of partnership in our Rebuild Ogun Project. This is a time to be very careful and serious in the history of our state.

“I have commissioned a far-reaching research in various sectors of our state, in the course of articulating my manifesto for the 2023 election. I can tell you that technology, culture, tourism, most especially in the area of medical tourism have the capacity to create over 50,000 direct and indirect jobs and that we shall accomplish when by the grace of God, I emerged as the governor of this State.

“I will create a well-equipped pharmaceutical village on a large expanse of land for the manufacturing of various drugs and also a good hospital that will be the best in this part of the country where people can visit and get all what they need thereby reawakening the old Gateway Pharmaceutical Company, this will as well as create a platform for foreign partnership and investment towards making health matters and tourism a full-time business in Ogun State.

“The effect of our development plan in this area will be crime reduction and wealth creation.”

He said it is shameful that leaders still refer to Chief Awolowo as the benchmark for their campaign today, saying that he will use those five points of Chief Awolowo, and also add major areas of human endeavor like health and technology to his programmes.

“It’s a pity that people at this stage still use Awolowo era as a standard of achievements, we need to have moved from that stage, I promised to go a further with commitment and better Ogun State.

Dr Adeyemi also said many of the moribund companies like Gateway Pharmaceutical companies and the like will be resuscitated.

“We are going to take the care for the aged, like feeding them three times daily, with good healthcare, and social welfare a topmost priority.

We are sure of sending Dapo Abiodun out of Oke mosan adding that Action Alliance is a masses oriented party with promise made, promise kept.

He vowed not to let the State down if given the mandate to govern

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