JINA: The New movie showing the best of Funsho Aliu, Ayo Adesanya


The stake continues going higher in movie production in Nigeria and only a. few are able to meet up the. standard.

New flick JINA has recieved so many positive reviews for quality pictures and storyline.

Shot in Yoruba language, produced and directed by James Peters, JINA features top rated actors, Funsho Aliu and Ayo Adesanya.

Both as a couple failed in raising their two children and the family suffered the failure following the father’s death.

JINA is a confirmation of the rot in the average Nigerian family raising children.

The producer Peters had previously shocked the industry with ENI BI OKAN MI and OJU MEJI before JINA.

Known for high quality, Peters is dropping JINA on various platforms within the first quarter of 2023.

See the thriller here:

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