K1 De Ultimate Stays Ongoing With “Timeless” – Arems

Quelling any correlation with the just-released “Timeless” album by Afro-Pop buzzing act, Davido, Nigerian Fuji musician, K1 De Ultimate who had previously announced the release of a new album around the Eid IL- Fitri celebrations, has now confirmed the release date for his own album, “Timeless,” to be the 23rd of April; the ten-track offering spans across one hundred and five (105) minutes of play time and is published by Damjay Films & Records – the Eid IL-Fitri is tentatively set to be on the 22nd /23rd of April and will be a public holiday for the general population, as schools and most businesses are going to be closed.
With Muslims around the world currently observing the Islamic holy month of fasting and prayer, K1 De Ultimate is set to get Nigerians and fans across the globe moving on their feet as soon as the Eid IL-FITRI marks the end of the Ramadan, and no better way than with the release of “Timeless” – with digital distribution being handled and promoted by Arems Entertainment, the Fuji veteran is set to reach out to even more international audience – anticipate and share your thoughts
Pre-Order Here Now;https://music.apple.com/ng/album/timeless/1680277117

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