Lady Who Killed Husband For Infidelity Has Killed Self – Police

Ifeoluwa Bamidele, the young housewife whose name went viral after setting her husband, Bolu ablaze in their Koka village home, Obokun Local Government Area, Osun State on the 17th July, has killed self.

Earlier report by Barrybration News reveal how the wife, Ifeoluwa set fire on her husband on finding out the husband has a child out of wedlock. The marriage was yet to stand the test of a year.

The touching situation was confirmed by the spokesperson to the State’s Police Command, SP Yemisi Opalola.

Despite all efforts to speak with Mrs Bamidele who initially travelled down to Ekiti State to hide. The endless search for her yielded results on Thursday on getting a non-government Organisation to mediate.

Opalola said ifeoluwa opened up that she was in Aramokoko and she then instructed some personnel to go and get her from where she was.

”it was when they picked her they saw she was behaving funny. they asked her what happened. she confessed that she taken a poisonous substance before she left ekiti. we rushed her to wesleygate hospital. they tried all they could so that she can vomit all the substance. they later discovered that it had been long that she took it and it had destroyed her internal organ. that was how she died.”

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