New Dawn: The Best Woman For the job is Alhaja Umulkhaer Alaiye

As the period of electoral campaign is fasting approaching, one of the true daughters of Kwara state, Alhaja Umulkhaer Onaolamipo Ahmed Alaiye has declared her intention to contest for the state house of assembly.

The virtuous woman wants to represent the good people of Alanamo/ Ajikobi at Kwara state house of Assembly in the forthcoming election. The grassroots politician and woman of many parts is contesting under the platform of All Progressive Party.

Alhaja Umulkhaer, popularly known as Yeye Oge is a nation builder and lover of the masses. Her love for the people has no second.

She is a recipient of Peace Ambassador African Award, Most Outstanding Fashion Royal Personality, Most Outstanding membership and integrity woman of the year and many more.

She is founder Yeye Oge political vanguard and fashion icon. She is the owner of Rasmus Property and business astute. She is a thorough Muslim who has the fear of Allah, she is mother and caring wife to her husband.


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