New Month, Baale of Sorobi, Chief Dada Edward Larunsi,Rejoice with All

As we started the month of September today, the baale of Sorobi community in Ogun state, High Chief Dada Edward Larunsi have sent his greeting to everyone, especially, the good people of his community.

In his words, the eloquent and outspoken community leader said ‘ I was to use this enviable opportunity to send my warmly greeting to everyone, most especially, my good people at Sorobi, as we enter the month of September.

My prayer for you all is that may Eledumare spare us to witness many fruitful months on earth. I sincerely wishing you all a very resourceful month of September.

May I also seize the golden opportunity to thank all who rejoiced with me on my recently celebrated birthday. Your prayers, greetings and gifts were all appreciated. May Olodumare bless you all’.

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