Prince Oyegoke–Olaoye and his rare passion for Ogbomoso land By Adeola Olanloko

Searching for a word to define him may prove to be a herculean task in the context of his larger-than-life persona. Anyone coming in contact with Prince Gbolahan Idowu Oyegoke-Olaoye for the first time, and perusing his well-stocked rich resume and credentials, would certainly know he or she is meeting one of the rarest personalities of this present age.
Yet, Prince Gbolahan Idowu Oyegoke-Olaoye, foremost prince of Olaoye Orumogege Ruling House and scion of Kapelaye royal family of Ogbomosoland, Oyo State, exudes such a rare gift of humility and modesty.

An encounter with the Ogbomoso prince portrays an unassuming distinguished personality despite his soft and calm disposition.

If I can describe him in just one word, a trait or quality, or attribute that stands him out of the pack is passion.

The burning passion to serve and help people especially the less-privileged, the vulnerable and others beyond his immediate community; love for his community and in particular his native birthplace Ogbomoso is written all over him.

With a strong connection to his ancestral roots, the uncommon passion in this illustrious prince and heir apparent to the Soun throne is to see Ogbomoso emerge a stronger, greater and prosperous kingdom where her sons and daughters, residents and visitors alike make the ancient town their first and preferred choice home and destination.

‘‘My purpose in life is advancement of humanity and the society at large. I have a burning passion in me to promote and preserve the good of the ancient Ogbomoso kingdom for generations to come, and my love for people and the good of the people remain uppermost in my heart,’’ Prince Oyegoke-Olaoye summed up during an interview.

Born on the 15th of August 1965 of the Kapelaye royal family compound in Ogbomoso, Prince Oyegoke-Olaoye is a full-blood noble prince, a descendant of Oba Atanda Olaoye Orumogege, a past Soun of Ogbomosoland.

His biological father, late Prince Olaleye Oyegoke-Olaoye, was the first son of Aremu Oyegoke Olaoye, a direct descendant of Oba Atanda Olaoye Orumogege.

In his blood line was Oba Lawani Oke Lanipekun, also, a direct descendant of Oba Orumogege. One can say without gainsay that providence prepared Prince Gbolahan Idowu Oyegoke-Olaoye ready for the future role to occupy the throne of Soun.

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