Rescue Movement Head Challenges President-Elect Tinubu to Prove Skeptics Wrong through Petroleum Industry Focus

In a heartfelt open letter addressed to President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, the Head of the Rescue Movement and former Presidential Aspirant for the LP (Labour Party), has called for a concerted effort to revitalize Nigeria’s refinery industry and utilize the potential of the recently inaugurated Dangote Refinery in Lagos.

The letter, which comes ahead of the May 29th handover date, congratulated Nigerians on the operationalization of the Dangote Refinery, a colossal project costing $18.5 billion. Joseph expressed astonishment at the vast sums of money wasted in the Nigerian government, given that it takes only $18 billion to construct a new refinery. He drew attention to the excessive costs incurred in acquiring 11 ambulances, amounting to N12 billion, which he believes could have been utilized to boost refinery capacity.

Highlighting the importance of the refinery industry, Joseph emphasized that if President-Elect Tinubu’s administration could rejuvenate the ailing refineries and ensure their optimal functioning, Nigeria could enhance petroleum product availability, leading to reduced prices and a strengthened economy. He stressed that such a move would not only benefit the economy but also generate more employment opportunities, allowing the government to allocate greater resources toward the nation’s development.

Joseph further urged President-Elect Tinubu to adopt a transformational leadership approach, envisioning Nigeria as a leading nation in Africa and potentially the first African country to join the World G7. By addressing the issues of greed and selfishness that have marred previous administrations, Joseph believed that a patriotic leadership focused on service could attract global interest and position Nigeria as a destination for growth and prosperity.

He also appealed to President-Elect Tinubu to bridge the gap between the government and Nigerian youths who may have been skeptical or withheld their support, asserting that delivering tangible results in the petroleum industry would foster a sense of confidence and hope among the younger generation. Joseph highlighted the potential for revenue generated from the petroleum sector to be allocated to critical sectors such as electricity, education, and healthcare, with the right team and governance approach.

In conclusion, Joseph expressed his unwavering belief in Nigeria’s potential to regain its greatness, emphasizing that this vision would discourage the mass exodus of youths seeking opportunities abroad. He pledged to continue offering advice, monitoring the government’s progress, and constructively criticizing where necessary until Nigeria reaches its desired state of greatness.

President-Elect Tinubu is yet to respond to the open letter, but with the country eagerly awaiting the inauguration of the new administration, many are hopeful that the concerns raised will be considered, and efforts will be made to harness the potential of the refinery industry for Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

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