SINs, Lancelot Imasuen’s Advocacy Movie Against Women and Children Abuse in The making


In Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, the issue of Children and Women Abuse has been raging in our society for a very long time; and now it’s getting more rampant.

Every day, we wake up to news of one atrocity or the other against women and children.

Governments of nations seems overwhelmed and out if ideas. But, in a bid to contribute his own quota to this crime against humanity, Veteran Filmmaker and Culture activist, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen has produced a movie titled SINs in collaboration with Kings heart advocacy for women and children foundation

Though Still under production, movie enthusiasts believed the movie when released will do its best in bringing this crime against humanity to a very controlled level.

Starring star Nollywood Actors like Georgina Ibeh, Isio Joseph, Benjamin Olaye and Naigbe Iyobosa Osifo, SINs will help to bring the needed attention and proffer a lasting solution to this menace that has eaten so deep into the fibres of our society.

Director of the film, Lovebest Ogie has confirmed that work on the movie is going on at different location in Benin City with support from EdoJob.Edo state government job creation agency,

As a Social Crusader and philanthropist Princess Ebuwa Igiehon’s initiative called Kings Heart Advocacy for Women and Children Foundation will be using movie and other motion pictures content to drive home their messages of hope and succour for abused, neglected and bullied children and of course abandoned women by bringing their plight to the world to know and see of which Lancelot Imasuen’s yet to be released “Sins” the movie will blaze the trail in advancing the core objectives and values of Kings Heart Advocacy for Women and Children Foundation.

At the completion of SINs later this year, it will be screened at the worldwide unveiling of the Kings Hearts Advocacy for Women and Children Foundation (KHAFWAC) in Houston Texas, USA.

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