Some Amazing Facts About Baale Of Sorobi Community, High Chief Dada Larunsi, As He Celebrates His Birthday

High Chief Dada Larunsi is a special being and very unique person, the newly elected baale of Sorobi community in Ogun state was born with six fingers

He was very active in sports at very tender age, he was a promising sports young boy, he started running at age 6 in Methodist Primary School Ogbe Abeokuta. He was a hundred meters specialist right from primary 1.

When he got to the secondary school, he has became a strong sports person that none of his mates could beat in 100 and 200 meters.His brilliant performance on the pitch helped him to become The games Prefect of The great Lisabi Grammar School Abeokuta and his fans don’t call him Edward rather They called
him Eddy Bra, Eddy Wanna, Eddy Okonta and Eddy Bullet.

Unfortunately, he got a kneel injury that ends his Sport Career in 1984 /85.

He was also nick named as Mr Biro by his political associates because of his ability to keep records of very important documents and putting some important information together.

High Chief Dada Larunsi is a man of many parts and business mogul, the astute businessman is the CEO of Larunsi Royal Garden Estate, CEO Expo Plus Group, CEO Expo Plus Magazine, CEO Suxcity FM, CEO Suxcity Studio and CEO Larunsi Kitchen.

On this note, we celebrate our baale as he added another fruitful age today, no evil shall be fall you and we wish many resourceful years ahead.
Kara o le o

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