TGD Holds First Director’s Forum

The Tampan Guild of Directors under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Titi Jeje with the great support of Otunba Bolaji Amusan JP, the amiable Global President of Theatre Art and Motion Pictures Practitioner Association of Nigeria and Worldwide (TAMPAN) coordinated the First Director’s Forum of Tampan. This Guild having Tola Bolaji as Secretary, Wale Rasaq as Treasurer, Wale Bamidele as PRO and Alhassan Taofiq Abisogun as Provost took the bull by the horns to create an unprecedented legacy in the filmmaking world.

The program began with the speech by the Chairman of the Guild who highlighted the reasons for the forum and the urgent need to our directors to learn, unlearn and relearn. He rolled out his plans for the guild and promised to ensure a speedy growth for every member.

The global President Otunba Bolaji Amusan JP spoke glowly about promoting excellence. He empathized that any director that wants to build a lasting legacy will not shoot a shabby film. He commended the initiative of the directors and promised to constantly support the Guild.

Dr Razaq Olayiwola Ojopagogo, the guest speaker, spoke on the need to research, learn, swallow pride to ask relevant questions that will enhance your knowledge. He further posited that any director who feels no need to seek knowledge because of pride will soon find his or herself in the abyss of being forgotten.

Mr Adebayo Tijani advised TGD directors to focus on the end result and pay the price now. Excellence must be their watchword, they must focus less on money and more on delivering quality, excellence and Creativity because with the right results money will be made

The Director’s forum also provided a medium for Directors to network and find Future collaborations. The Forum was indeed an eye-opener and a step in the right direction for movie makers in Nigeria most especially those within Tampan.

Adedolamu Awolowo

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