In every political party, the rule has always been to get along on winning streak with no excuse for failure in their quest. It is for this reason the Yoruba Liberation Movement consider the APC-Yoruba candidate as the best bet for 2023 success of the APC Nigeria.

Noting that, the Eastern part of Nigeria are never an integra part of the APC wholeheartedly from the first day of its formation, and as a result the entire APC had less than 6% of votes in that axis of Nigeria in both 2015 and 2019 general election.

It is on record that in 2015, the entire votes the APC got from Eastern part of Nigeria was less than 200,000 votes with just 198,778 votes (less than 5%).

Likewise, in 2019 general election the APC could only get 403,968 total votes cast from the same axis; these two results respectively are not only discouraging but also proved to us all that we cannot but be real that except if the APC wants to lose out completely from being the number one political party in Nigeria come 2023. Then, will it consider any presidential aspirant from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Imperatively, this is not just to make a case for the APC-Yoruba rather it is a glaring fact which we have realized, hence the need to unfold the reality and strength the APC-Yoruba in moving the party forward as we approach the party primaries in the next few months.

Just like the Eastern Part of Nigeria contributed 198,778 and 403,968 votes respectively in both the year 2015 and 2019.

The APC-Yoruba’s contributions which were 2.433million and 2.036million respectively remain an obvious reason why the party must consider a Yoruba citizen for as its flag bearer for 2023 presidential election.

“The APC Nigeria cannot build on nothing” except if it is a deliberate act to lose the 2023 election.

~Oluomotayo Bimbo
YLM Coordinator for Yorubaland

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