Young man Gets Plot of land From Sebilu Nnajat Concet for mimicking Sheik Habeebulahi Adam Al-Ilory Perfectly


Luck have smiled on a young man Abdulahi, as a notable television and online program Sebilu Nnajat Concept gave him a plot of land for his effort to mimic the late renowned Islamic scholar, Sheik Habeebulahi Adam Al-Ilory perfectly.

While presenting the land document to the luck young man, the CEO Sebilu Nnajat Concept and a popular Islamic cleric, Alhaji Sheik Ahmed Olanrewaju Al-fulanny said ‘ I listened to his video and I was flabbergasted for his ability to mimic our father,  Sheik Habeebulahi Adam Al-Ilory perfectly, we decided to appreciate and encourage him with plot of land from one of our sponsors Maolana ventures.

I want to encourage all young fellow, if you want to emulate somebody make sure the person is a good person just like Abdulahi did. I congratulate him for a job well done.

In his words, the luck lad, thanks the management of Sebilu Nnajat Concept and Maolana Ventures for the big gift, he however prayed for the both companies to continue prosper and swim in pool of blessings.

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