My Relationship With Saoti Arewa, Popular Islamic Singer, Monsurat Akobi-Esan Opens Up

Relationship With Saoti Arewa- Monsurat Akobi-Esan

A fast waves making female Islamic singer, Alhaja Monsurat Akobi-Esan, has revealed her relationship with another popular male Islamic singer, Alhaji Azeez Abiodun Salami popularly known as Saoti Arewa.

While speaking with us, the Badagry born singer said, ‘I’m very close to Saoti, is my brother who have contributed greatly to my career. He always encourage me with his support. We did lot of things together as colleagues. I can’t forget his contributions to my two albums Ramadan and Ojumo Ire.

Saoti Arewa is a mentor and motivatior. May God continue to bless him. She noted

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